Here are a selection of my upcoming books. I will be adding links to allow pre-orders and buying of these titles when I receive the links to suppliers, please be patient it will happen as soon as possible, in the meantime please read the brief outlines below 

When You Walk By Night
Take a walk with me to the end of your street, where the lampposts end and the darkness hides dancing, skipping horrors. Waiting for us are a Copy-cat killer who picks the wrong guy to copy. A strange epidemic that is not quite what it seems and has consequences for us all. An ancient Djiin who trades in souls and loves a twist in his deals. A girl plagued by nymphomania who is going through some deep changes. An exclusive, high class brothel with an interesting charging policy. Inter-dimensional horror on a human farm. A collector of cursed books and Objet D’Art, with a very nosey wife. A group of flatmates terrorised by a possessing spirit with murderous intentions and a sweet girl who would do anything for love. Oh! And Vampires. I can see them now. Come on, take my hand they are getting impatient. . .
On Your Way Home
When James moves back to the village where his parents grew up he makes friends quickly. His best friend Kyle lives at the bottom of Coedwig Gwaen Lane. One night James misses his bus and on his was home he passes a leafy opening in the lanes with a narrow road. The sense of evil emanating from the lane makes James first terrified and then run like the wind for the full mile back home, his heart banging with a certainty that something was on his tail. When he sleeps that night, he has an out of body experience and is pulled to the lane. There he sees a farm, surrounding the farm is a group of children, they look miserable and they glow with their own light. James is shocked awake and when he sits up, he is shocked to see a hooded figure in the corner of his room, baleful red eyes glaring at him. The figure points its' finger at him and laughs. James pulls the blankets over his head and tries to sleep, but worries that he is losing his mind. In the morning he tells Kyle about his experience and to his surprise Kyle has his own story to tell. When they decide to go up against this ancient evil, neither boy could possibly imagine the trouble they would cause for themselves or anyone that helped them alive or dead.
Fishbone Sky and The Weightless Cat

A collection of poetry written over a period of 34 years. Some are joyous, some are sad. They deal with grief, break-ups, breakdowns and deeply felt emotions, some are whimsical and some are patriotic. All are deeply honest and heartfelt, which I hope will help my readers to empathise and maybe find comfort and strength or at the least realise that sometimes they are not the only person who feels or suffers things that are not always mainstream. ​