I would like to thank all of my readers for giving me the most exciting week of my life. Last week I published three books. One which had been published before "When You Walk By Night" I have now taken control of this and it is no longer with Ravenswood Publishing. I also published "On Your Way Home" a Horror Novella and "Fishbone Sky and the Weightless Cat" a collection of poetry covering my life and experiences since I started writing poetry in 1990. That is a lot of work to put out and I expected gradual sales that would hopefully build slowly to respectable sales. . .

To my shock and absolute delight "Fishbone Sky and the Weightless Cat" entered the UK/European Poetry Chart at No6! Damian thought I was dying with the noise I was making as I danced around our living room. So, once I had calmed down, I checked "On Your Way Home" this was showing at No33 on the Horror Book Chart! To put the cherry on the cake of my day my book which I had taken off sale since January had re-entered the UK/European Horror Chart at No66, I had to sit down and I felt quite ill and dizzy. I know, but I have literally never been so excited and this weird disorienting feeling lasted all week. From congratulations from friends and family, to just staring into space wondering if I would wake up at any moment. Even our dog, the lovely Lottie was jumping around me caught up in the excitement.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who has bought my book and also anyone who has encouraged me over the years.

Thank You so much

Of course, I have other news, I hope to give you another new book later this year. It will be called "Bringing Them Back" and I have absolutely loved writing it, but it needs another edit and I want to be certain that it doesn't get to you until it is absolutely right. I am also working on a collection of Haiku, which will be called "Haiku"

Again, Thank You all, words fail me (This doesn't happen often, make the most of it! Lol)

Until next time Dear Readers

Best Regards

Paul x

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